One Lovely Award


So my good friend Mel over at nominated me for a One Lovely award ❤ Isn’t that ”Lovely” of her? hahah..Thanks Mel! You totally made my day and i appreciate it. It’s so awesome to get the news that someone has nominated your blog and it makes you sit back and think … wow nice someone likes what i have to say . So Thank you sooooo much for making my day brighter !!

Here are the award requirements:

Include the pic in the post
Thank the person who nominated you
Nominate at least 15 other blogs
And give 7 random things about yourself

So now i must go on and nominate 15 other blogs and write 7 random things about myself…I’ll start with the nominees and then i will finish with the randoms.

  1. Melissa @
  2. Rachel @
  3. Sylvia @
  4. Erika @

4 is all i could come up with right now …. so yeah , thats that.


  1.  I have a bad habbit of biting my nails … yes i know gross but thats something ive been since i can remember so ive tried everything but just cant kick the habbit…
  2. Before i was a mom i was working on getting my music acreer on track and had a manager , was about to start planning to move to nashville and try to make it in the country music world.
  3. I did a live web broadcast to audition for a provincial talent contest back in june 2011 and i wasn’t picked out because i spoke about my 4 children ( i was pregnant for the 5th child and didnt know it )
  4. I still catch myself sucking my thumb when fast asleep
  5. Im still afraid of the dark .
  6. I used to be over 300lbs
  7. I cannot stand the taste or smell of P-Meal

So thats it for that and if you have any blogs you love to read and think they deserve to be nominated, please send me the link to it and if i like what i read , i just might nominate them 🙂

Hope you all have a great night’s sleep cuz i still have a lunch to pack for my daughter’s school tomorow and i have 2 loads of laundry to fold and dishes to do and its 2 am!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O ….

Yawwwwnnnnnn Night night ya’ll!!!


Overwhelming mornings….

So as i sit here yawning my face away , i thought id take a few minutes to post here …

So this week was the 1st official week of school , my daughter & son both started last week but the long weekend and holidays screwed it all up…. Since we had elections on tuesday the kids had no school so it made the transition of back to school confusing..

Nate being so far , i never got to experience the whole, getting up early to get them fed , dressed and make sure everything is in the book bag , pack the lunchbox and send them off to school . So with Gabby , its a little harder on me because this is so new to me . This week twice i had to listen to the ‘ Im too sick to go to school” or the ” Can i sleep for 5 more mins” and if you say yes to that 5 mins agreement , your looking at 15 mins ..not 5 … then you get the fight when youve had enough of waiting and she wont listen…. Then i need to deal with my 3 yr old fussing and crying because HE WANTS TO GO TO SCHOOL TOO!!! So He cries, the 2 yr old chimes in and then what….. They wake the baby….. Oh dear lord help us all! lol

Thoses are my mornings lately , so now i truly know the meaning of Thank god its friday …. I cant WAIT til tomorow morning where i dont have to rush and deal with it all. Theres always something else to do though, like re-arrange theses rooms for a better sleeping schedual for gabby. Right now we live in a 3 bedroom apartement , Gabrielle shares a room with Max my 3yr old , But max is the child who will need to get more or less 5 warnings to go back to bed before he actually falls asleep… so what does he do in the meantime of getting his warnings? He giggles , sneaks toys into his bed and basicly annoys the heck out of his sister making it hard for her to get to sleep on time for school the next morning.

Nicolas is currently in his own room because he is also the child that i have to go put back into bed at least 20 times everynight before he stays in there. Mikey is still sharing a room with us since he got up during the night , he still does but its more of a one time a week thing and he goes to bed easy compared to my 2 other boys.

So this is what im doing this weekend and today , switing gabby from the room with max to a room with Mikey. Nicolas will be taking gabby’s place and sharing a room with max and mommy and daddy get their room back! NOW THATS FANTASTIC!!! When Nate comes over we have a air matress we put in one of the rooms and he ”camps out” there. So this has to work until we get a bigger place with more rooms .

Today the boys are something else , nothing i say is taken seriously , nothing i do is appreciated and well anything i ask is unheard. Ugh , story of my life and well its only gonna get worst ( teen years) until it gets better ( adulthood) I love my kids to the moon and back but could one SIMPLE day happend? Just so i can see what it feels like.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Back to school


Yesturday and today my kids went back to school, my daughter started yesturday and my oldest son started today. Nate is in 2nd grade now and Gabrielle is just starting kindergarden…

It seems like just yesturday i was changing their diapers, nursing them and rocking them to sleep …Now all that has changed into them learning me new things everyday. Crazy how time goes by fast!!! Now the scheduals have been started since last week but we are still adjusting to earlier bedtimes , earlier mornings and then having to schedual everything else that needs to happend or be done during the day to fit with the school schedual.

I enrolled my daughter in a before and afterschool program ( school daycare) because of her dad’s busy work schedual and me being stuck with no transportation and the school refusing me for the school bus to come pick her up and drop her off i really didnt have a choice.It’s 35$ a week and on no school days they have special field trips and activitys for your child to be at school while you work or do your stuff that needs to be done . She starts the program on September 5th and i think its going to be awesome for her since she will be making new friends , going new places and all at the same time learning .

The little kids are a little sad they cant fallow the big kids to school just yet , but that time will come….soon enough they all will be in school and ill become the crazy cat lady hahaha!

This is not Goodbye … it’s only see ya later!

Me & My Son Nate
Summer 2012
So today my summer ends , today i am sad because my son Nate is going back to his dad’s and next time ill see him there will be snow on the ground and a christmas tree in our living room. 
So in this post i wanted to reflect on my summer and my incredible little man …..
It’s hard to think  that he is leaving , its hard to think about the things i will have to come up with for him to leave happy even though i know in my heart no words or actions could prevent the sadness and tears there will be when it’s time to go . And i know in my heart that it will break and i will hurt all over again.
But this isnt goodbye , its see ya later …. 
Tonight i sat by his bed and watched him sleep while i put my fingers through his soft light brown hair , reminded me of back when he was a newborn and id just look at him sleep and think wow , i made this and he’s mine. He still squints his face and smiles while he sleeps , he still sleeps with his arm on his forehead.
And he still sleeps with the blanky i bought him when i was 7 months pregnant and everytime he comes over he asks me to spray my perfume on it so that when he goes back to his dad’s he can smell me and pretend im there. Even though it hurts my heart to hear him say that , i think its the most sweetest thing ive ever been asked to do. 
He’s going to be starting  2nd grade in just a week … my first baby will be in 2nd grade !! WHAT! i can’t believe that , it’s crazy …like weren’t you a baby not too long ago? and now here you are writting me letters and helping me with dishes and dinner , tying your baby brother’s shoes for him , hugging your baby sister because she’s upset that her favorite doll is missing …. Hugging me because im sad your leaving.
As tear flow down my cheeks , i must say i am very proud of the young man i have raised . Even if the miles that seperate us seem like lighyears away … i know that just with everything i taught him and everything i have done for that little guy , he will always know that he’s always on my mind and forever in my heart.And the smile on his beautiful face says it all….
This summer , i enjoyed lots of things with my son … we went to tubes & jujubes and met with old friends from BC , we went to local fairs and ate so many hotdogs one night that we burped til the next day haha…
Went fishing with papi and didnt catch anything but had a nice hot chocolate when we got home that cheered us up.We baked goodies and shared some memories with the family picture album. I watched him make his own sandwiches by himself without any help and that made me die a little because its something we all are proud of when our kids can make their own toasts in the morning and we get 30mins to sleep in…. 30mins is 30 mins and ill take all the extra minutes i can get ….We saw a reptile petting zoo , even though i almost sh*t my pants with the snakes . We took lots of pictures , we visited papi in the hospital , we went to the park and i finally got to take him back to school shopping like i always wanted to since he left in 2010.
I look forward to winter vacation and i look forward to putting my fingers through his hair and watch him sleep because even though he is 7 ………… he will ALWAYS be my baby…..

Happy Birthday ! You’re Two!!

Today is Number 4’s birthday party  , He is two !
I can’t believe time is flying by this fast , a busy day like today is worth every instant.
I stayed up super late last night to clean as much as i could so that today wouldnt be a burden on me but the kids have managed to screw that up from 8am to 11am …. 
I still have to bake a cake , chill it and decorate it …
Make my spaghetti sauce and have it ready to feed 12 people minimum ( there’s always guests who pop up even if they said they wouldn’t make it ) .
I have to shower and dry my hair , do my make-up…
Dishes still need to be done , the kids must clean their rooms so i can sweep & mop …
And the hallway is a mess thanks to laundry day and so i have to do that …
All that before 3pm , its 11:25 am right now !
We are having family over for dinner and then my friend, her hubby and their 2 kiddos will join us for cake & ice cream later.
I’m looking forward to Number 3’s birthday , he’s turning 4 in september and we decided to have it at a kid gym place and that will be awesome cuz i wont have to run around like chicken with no head like today and worry about it looking nice and being ready for everyone, food etc… i just have to swipe my card and enjoy the day . 
So yeah i need to be getting off here and getting stuff done …. Before i lose my motivation but first another double dose of coffee !
Have a great saturday everyone!!

The Night Time Routine

Dishes are done , Laundry is started and dinner is simmering…..
Ill be ready for my night time routine… Night Time Routine what the heck is that you say?
Well ill explain my night time routine…. 
Have you ever TRIED to clean while your kids are up and all over the place? I say TRIED because everyone with kids knows it can be a tricky task to get everything spotless when the kids are constantly meesing things up as you go… So i started a Night Time routine…
During the day i do the usual stuff, keep dishes clean , wipe off counters and tables , put away clean dishes and do laundry … but at night when the kids are in bed i go nuts for 1 to 2 hours on the big stuff…
First i walk around with a bin and collect any toys or the kids stuff lying around and go put it away then i do any dishes that need to be cleaned , re-wipe down all counters and table tops and then i can sweep my floors and spot mop or completly wash them if needed , all that without having to tell my kids DONT STEP THERE I JUST WASHED THE FLOORS! and then ending up Facepalming myself because sure enough they stepped there and now i have a full trail of feet and toes everywhere where it WAS clean…
Then when my floors are done and drying i sit down and fold all the clean laundry i did during the day and if its all wrinkled thats fine just pop it in the dryer for a few minutes and voila.. un-wrinkled. So i fold all my clean laundry and then by that time my floors are dry and clean so i can get up and put all the clean clothes away … 
Then once the Dishes, counters,tables , floors and clean clothes are done , i go do a quick clean up in the bathroom , just a quick swish in the toilet… wipe down of the sink, counter and mirror…. i quick sweep & mop and Im done…
Thats it , then i can sit down and read or watch a movie or get on here….
It seems like alot but it really isnt… some nights it takes me 40 mins tops and sometimes i go the extra mile ( if i have visitors the next morning or day ) and it take me 2 hours… but look at it this way , My kids are in bed by 8pm on the weekends and 7pm on the weekdays so if i go all out and do 2 hours of cleaning … and i only go to bed around 11pm .. well thats 4 hours more or less of ME time…. 
Night Time routine rocks… and plus… you can wake up to a clean home everyday! Now THATS a pick me upper i like 🙂

Big Bike Ride for my dad

Hey guys !! 

It’s been a hectic month for me for sure , i hope your summers are all going good cuz mine is a perfect storm , a hot mess and well whatever the worst sums up for ya… thats pretty much it…So im doing things to keep myself sane and grounded.

After everything we’ve been through with my dad’s illness and heart condition…
i have decided to join in on some fundraising to support a foundation that is very dear to me, The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

I went on the foundation’s website to look for any events they were holding to see if i could join in on some of them and help raise funds for this amazing foundation. I saw a picture of this HUGE bike with 30 seats and i was like whoa! this looks like fun!!!

And i thought to myself wow i wanna do this and give back for ….

All thoses battling againts heart failure and trying to get better.

All the daughters like me who have to see their once strong daddy get so weak so fast and see him suffer and not be able to do anything but wait for the doctor to give you news and all you can do is pray and hope that he will 
pull through. 

All the Parents like my grandmother who have to see their child go through so much pain and fear of not knowing what tomorow brings.

Every Spouse that has seen or is living having to see their partner and soul mate be sick like this , caring for them endlessly hoping things get better…

Everyone else like my dad that is about to under-go open heart sugery to get a heart transplant …

thoses like my dad , 

like my family ,

 and like me …

So I want to support this cause and ride in honor of my dad ! Get out there and meet people that have had similar experiences , know that i’m not alone to feel this overwhelming pain that i go through ….

so i signed up and started building a team TEAM LABELLE is what i called it 🙂

So on August 29th i am going to ride with 28 other people and 1 person from the foundation to raise money for my team and this great cause!

But im gonna need help!!!… and thats where comes my favor…
If you can and want to help me out … 

my team needs your donations to raise money and reach our goal.
You can help by donating to our team HERE .

In Ottawa Ontario August 29th at 8pm and wanna ride with us on the BIG BIKE ? Send me an e-mail and i will send you all the information you will need to become a team member and help support and raise money.

And you can also help us  FREE!!!!…. YUP  
just by by clicking on the Heart this story button….and sharing My Story .

So yeah i could really use a hand and every dollar helps , every share helps and you can heart my story once a day so you can bookmark and heart it when you get a second during yoru busy day 🙂 Help save a life….

To read more about heartfailure and the heart and stroke foundation , how it helps change lives and save lives…. 

Thanks for reading!!!

GoodMorning World!

Its been a few days since i last blogged but it is worth it because i have stuff to blog about.

First off i hope all the Canadians had a great 1st of July & I hope all the Americans had a great 4th of july  and that you all partied safe ! Didnt drink and drive and drank responsibily …. My 2 good friends were taken too soon by a drunk driver 7 yrs ago and so i dont want anyone else to go through that or even worst die from that or be the drunk driver…

So anyways , We had a great Canada day celebration & on July 4th me and my 3 oldest babies went to Tubes & Jujubes to meet up with a longtime friend that traveled down from Duncan BC to spend time with her family & she made some times to meet up with me and the kids , last time we got to get together was 5 yrs ago …. her son was just 3 months old and my daughter at the time was only 2 months old , needless to say they both have grown up so much in the past 5 yrs that it was so cool to see them together again but running around , laughing and talking to each other vs the first time when all they did was nurse and sleep. The Kids had a BLAST! they were all soak and wet from playing and sliding and running around . Let’s just say that they slept tight that night hehehe…

My Father’s health isnt getting any better … im planning on making a full blog post soon to better explain his condition to yall & how im coping with slowly losing my dad…

Today is gonna be cooler then most days out so im gonna be taking a nap … just woke up and im talking naps lol . Why do we realise we like sleep so much only AFTER we have kids?? i dont get it  …. before i got to sleep in and wouldnt and now i cant and wish i could…

Yawwwnnnn! Have a Great Sunday ..
post about the  FREE giveaway coming soon….