2 weeks already!

2 weeks have gone by since i gave birth to Mikaël , He is such a good baby!!
Its like he was made to be the 5th child , hes patient , calm, quiet and only lets out a cry when hes either cold ( diaper changes or out of the tub) or really hungry but i never let it go that far hehe , he drink 2 ½ ounces of milk every 4 hrs and now stay awake from 1 hour to 2 hours. His embilical cord fell off today too…. we did tummy time today and after 5 mins he was not having it no more lol so tomorow we will see how he does, he has great head control for his age!
His next dr’s appointement is on the 11th.
So i have great news !! We are Moving!!
Yes the housing departement has a nice duplex for us , 4 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms , basement & backyard…. im sooo looking forward to it. I sent them the info about Mikael being born and i got a letter saying since i have 5 kids now they are relocating us to a bigger place because its the law. I had been planning on applying but everything worked itself out !I didnt have to apply. So they called us back with a possibility , it would be 2 mins walk from everything including my sister in law which is great since we are practicly best friends and we usually get together a few times a week… so no more long drives , just a simple walk…
A backyard…need i say more ? Ive been wanting a backyard for the kids so bad , picture this … its beautiful outside , but you cant bring the kids outside because of theses reasons : Kids of the neighbourhood are crazy & violent , every step you take can cost you a pair of shoes ( dog poop everywhere) , ive found broken beer bottles, seringes , condom wrappers & other garbage … The neighbour down stairs has 4 dogs and 2 of them suposisly bit another neighbour’s kid once… I live in a 12 appartement building , im on the 2nd floor so when i do go outside with the kids its a struggle & i have to pack things like im going camping or something… so not only is it not worth going outside to the mess it is , but the kids do not have a safe area to play in .. its a parking lot.So im looking forward to having our own space outside to play and not worry of what they will bring to me or worst…
so i might not be on much because now im starting to sort out the whole appartement and pack slowly cuz in 3 months… we are out of here!!!
No more crack addict neighbours , loud noises, damn neighbour’s kid playing knicky knicky on my door just to piss me off because ive asked them to stop playing in the halls and go outside… no more waking up at 5am on a wenesday because the garbage truck is doing nothing but noise and banging the garbage containers…
PARADISE if you ask me!!!
Today Etienne goes back to work , so im up with bubs tonight to feed and change him , heading to bed to sleep a few hours before the rest of the gang wakes up tomorow and i am too tired and its too late to sleep…
my cleaning today is going to be:
  • Dishes 
  • Laundry
  • Sweep
  • Dust
  • Kids room
  • Litter box
And now for some pics 🙂
Max & Nicolas with their baby brother
Max & Mikaël
Big Sister Gabrielle & Mikaël
Big Brother Nate & Mikaël
And here is our little 2 week old bubz ❤

My First week with 5….

So with patches under my eyes and a major headache i’m telling you that i just made it through the first week as a mommy of 5.
Its not for the weak i tell ya! but i enjoyed every moment …
Nate ( my oldest) was here for the week , Mikaël turned 1 week old yesturday and to top it off Nate & max exchanged a cold. Nate started on monday and max started yesturday , cough – runny nose- fever … perfect timing to get a cold (sarcastic) and now all im hoping for and praying for is that Mikaël doesn’t catch it or me. Tomorow Nate heads back to Chateauguay to his dad’s until summer break and again im left heart broken , even though he’s been gone since 2010 and you’d think id be used to saying goodbye by now but the truth is no mother is ever ready to say goodbye to their child knowing it will be another 3 months until i see him again.
I’m hoping t hat when we do go to court , that i do win custody back & he can come back home for good . It’s the best decision i had to make at the time but now his dad is making things difficult for me to re-gain custody , all that because he doesnt accept the fact that im with someone else then him.Jelousy is wicked , it can work in your favor but when it doesnt , all hell breaks loose… so if your a jelous person , stop its not healthy for you or anyone in your surounding and sometimes without thinking or knowing you can harm someone who has nothing to do with it and someone who doesnt deserve it … the case here is my son . Because his dad is so mean with me and trying to hurt me by making things complicated just cuz he doesnt accept that ive moved on from him , our son pays the consequences and theres nothing i can do to change that only my ex can and hes blinded by his feelings.It’s not fair for my son, like i tell everyone i talk to about it …. Hurt me , beat me up inside and be mean to me but don’t hurt my children and his dad without realising it IS hurting our son in the process …. its a sad situation .
On a good note the kids were very happy to be all together again ! i kept looking at them during dinner , them playing or while they watched cartoons and it was like …. Whoa! theses beautiful little people all came from me , this is my future and they are mine! . I kept repeating to myself , who would of thought that id have 5 kids… it amazing to take a minute sit down and reflect on the past 7 yrs.. March 30th 2005 i gave birth to my son Nate , April 24th 2007 i gave birth to my daughter Gabrielle , September 27th 2008 i gave birth to my 2nd son Maxime , August 17th 2010 i gave birth to my 3rd son Nicolas & March 1st 2012 i gave birth to my 4th son Mikaël & completing my family with 5 kids ….. its amazing to me and the face people have when they ask me how many kids i have lolll thats PRICELESS and i get a kick out of seeing the reactions… some people’s jaws hang wide open , some ask me if im kidding , some tell me that im brave and some say im crazy lol I’m 24 and i have 5 beautiful kids. yes im young but when im 44 , my babies will be grown . I’ll be around longer to see my grandkids and enjoy them , like my mom is enjoying mine at the young age of 43.
So enough chit chat here are some pics….
Big Brother Nate & Baby Mikaël :
My mom & Mikaël:
Nate & Gabrielle early morning shot :
Mikaël’s First Bath:
Have a great weekend everyone!

Not much to say today , yesturday was hectic and i had lots to do including my boo bears 1st dr’s check up . It went well , he’s healthy and doctor said he is very strong for his age so thats a plus 🙂 next appointement for him is on april 11th.
so today im catching up on laundry, did the dishes and now im about to go sweep and mop my floors and tend to the bathroom for some much needed cleaning.
Here are my 5 masterpieces 😛 im so proud to be a mommy of 5 wonderful kids. I made this montage and will print and frame it for my wall 🙂
Have a great Hump day!

Mikaël’s Birth Story

It all started on the 28th , i went in to see my doctor to see what was up with all the crap i had went through and things with the due dates getting mixed up and to why i was still pregnant…

So we talked , i let her know how stressful it was to be told one thing and then another thing and then to be told a different thing afterwards. She checked my cervix and told me it had been closing back up so she tells me im a 3cm’s and bout 60% effaced. I told her to strip my membranes really good and boy did she ever… i bawled when she did thats how good of a stripping it was , it really hurt!

So then i came back home and got a contraction at 4pm , then started getting them irregular for the rest of the night. Then at 3am i got one that woke me up and was like whoa! then they kept coming at 6 mins apart , stayed that way for a LONGGGG time then at 6pm they were 4mins apart and i couldnt handle it anymore so we went in to get checked up.

We get there at 6pm , they check my cervix and inform me that im 5 ½ cm’s and that i should go walk to make baby decend a bit more so they can break my waters. So i walked for an hour , came back and the contractions were 3mins apart and very strong. So they plugged me on the monitors to check baby’s heart rate and the contractions, then at 8pm my doctor came in and broke my waters and at that point i was 6cm.

So they prepared the delivery room , transferd me in the room and asked me if i wanted the epi and i said HELL YAH lol i didnt want it at first but after i was like ok , i sufferd long enough during the last few weeks even to say months so i deserve relief and so at 10pm i was 7cms and 80% effaced and they gave me my epidural.

The epidural process took time because she had to find the right spot , so she pricked me 4 times to ” freeze” the skin and then proceeded to put the epi in. It kicked in right away and i couldnt feel anything anymore which was awesome!

at 11pm they came back to check my cervix and i was 8cm’s and 90% effaced. Then at 11:55pm i was feel something coming out of me , like he was pushing but i wasnt… so i told them something is pushing out and so the nurse checks me and as soon as she opens my legs she goes OH dear hunny your baby’s head is half way out , let me get ur doctor right now.

The doctor rushes in and goes ok , so do you want a feb 29th baby or a march 1st baby and etienne goes, 29th would be nice and i gave him this look of death like NO WAY , and i said dont listen to him i want a march first baby .. so she tells me to push … i pushed once and boom his head poped out and then another little push and he was out. 12:01 am lolll talk about timing lol

My doctor freaked etienne out because he deliverd the baby , she was like ok dad come over here your gonna deliver your baby. I swear his face was like nothing ive ever seen before lol but he did it and it was beautiful to watch him .

He gets him out and puts him on my chest and when they were cleaning off the excess yucky stuff i noticed the penis and i was like , oh wow again!? and hes like whats wrong and my doctor says yeah the placenta is coming so you might feel like its pushing again and you might have a contraction or two… and i was like NO NO not that , baby is a boy. 

My doctors eyes poped out , the nurses mouths fell wide open and they were all like NO WAY , AGAIN!? and all i could say was, but hes beautiful , look at how beautiful he is and i went on and on crying like a baby because everything was finally over and he was just perfect!

I didnt care about the gender at that point and i felt this feeling of being complete and not needing or wanting anything else . Thinking ok now i am ready to watch my babies grow up and enjoy every second of it. My delivery was the best delivery i could of asked for , my baby was healthy and beautiful and i was telling myself ok this is the feeling of knowing my family is complete and i am at peace with it.

we got the nurse to take a picture of us and then etienne stayed a little bit while they weighed Mikaël and preped him … then he went home cuz my niece ( the babysitter) had school the next morning and etienne had to catch some sleep since we were up the night before because of the contractions , so i sent him home with the biggest smile on his face lol

i got in my maternity room at 2am , got Mikaël fed , changed and went to bed .

so thats the story ,

Mikaël Alex Paquette – March 1st 2012 – 12:01am – 6lbs 13oz – 19 ½ inches long ( so much for the huge baby they said he was to be lol )