Hey everyone i havent fogotten you all just have a rough few weeks…. Nothing major just making a few adjustements in my life and i hardly get time to post but do not worry i will update you all soon , hope you all understand

xox Martine


Advice for keeping up with your house with kiddlets

So today was a pretty relax day , i didnt do much but tend to the kiddies and spent some time online … Now since everyone is in bed and has been for a while now and Mikael just finally got around to staying asleep without me having to hold him in my arms, im hoping on here and then taclking my dishes…

Imagine this… we are considerd a large family but yet our appartement has only ONE kitchen sink , not a double sink no no …. just one sink , no dishewasher either and no option to put one in either… oh man am i looking forward to moving . So yeah , one sink … for lots and lots of dishes. Dishes are what i do most often and then some days like anyone im like F*** it , ill just rince the dishes and do them tomorow… or like tonight , push them til its 1am and everyone is sleeping . Im not tired so i do what i couldnt or didnt get done during the day. Its a great tip for keeping a place tidy and easier to clean , once the kids are in bed… take an hour to clean anything you need done , dishes, sweeping , mopping or whatever else you couldnt tackle during the day … take it one step at a time, dont go nuts and do EVERYTHING , if you want to do everything… go for it if not just take the time to do the obvious stuff so that the next morning you wake up everything is tidy and its more encouraging to wake up to and easier to get on with your day. So yeah thats my tip of the day, even though ive been failing miserably with keeping up on the cleaning… its something i need to start doing again…

So i hope you all had a great day !

Can’t sleep…

it’s 2:17 am and i cant sleep , just got done feeding little man his bottle and he’s out like a light and now mommy who was once tired cannot get back to sleep…. usually when that happends i clean or catch up on things that i couldnt finish or do during the day and is impossible to do with the kids around like wash the floors .

This brings me to an old memory of mine about my mom . My mom was on top of it all , our house was always neat and tidy and everynight i remember her getting her cleaning supplys out , even on some nights she would drag the floor buffer out and buff the floors . She would sometimes be up til like 5am cleaning and then up at 6am to pack lunchs and get us up for school , dressed , fed and ready to bring us to the bus stop by 8am. She never rested cuz as soon as i’d get home from school , there she was scrubbing something while dinner cooked. The house always smelled so nice and when i got home and my dad’s mom was over i knew that when i walked into my bedroom it would be competly different , cleaned out and organised , man i miss thoses days. Ok now you are all probably like, what a spoiled brat…. No no no no no …. believe me my mom kept me in line with chores and everything i had to do . From time to time she did my room, so what? i kept it tidy and it motivated me to keep it clean once they were done placing everything … sometimes id come home and my room was no longer my room and they would switch bed rooms around, my brother would get my old room and i would get my parents room and they would have my brothers room ….

My mom rocked the night cleaning though , i dont know how she did it ( ok so i do , its a pill called wake ups lol ) But still the woman did it all ! and still woke up the next morning with a smile on her face and she would repeat her ”night” ritual every day….

So now i sit here its 2:28am , im still not tired…. so im gonna go have a smoke and then im going to wash theses dirty floors…. times like theses i wish i could go back to my mom’s night time ritual cleaning , id get up with her and help her out and learn a thing or two ….Thinking of it … i was pretty spoiled … hehe

Goodnight !!!

Overwhelmed much?


It’s friday , friday …gotta get down on friday…. !! lol Yeah the song is annoying but i bet if you know what song this is , you have it stuck in your head LOLLL 
So My week has been the worst! I wont say exacly what happend BUT i can say this much, its by far the worst week of my entire life, and trust me … ive been through ALOT . I wish i could just drive off somewhere , no kids just me and the radio …. and drive til i have to gas up … gas up and drive some more…. First id have to get a drivers license… and then id have to get a car or in my case a bus. Being a Mommy of a big family is awesome , i wouldnt change much other then stuff everyone wishes for … sleep , a sex life , self confidence and energy… But We all have to remember that before we were all moms , we were people . I’m still Martine and Martine sometimes needs to be able to shower without having someone come in and ask her where this is at or if they can have this or that or to come use the toilet and have a certain someone forget that when you flush the toilet while one is in the shower… IT FREAKING BURNS!!!! 
I try to give myself little moments during the day where i can do something quietly and have the kids busy enough to enjoy it . Sometimes its just calling a friend to chit chat , go out on the patio for some fresh air , GO to the bathroom ALONE! That one is tough to understand around here… It’s like my kids think the toilet is a teleportation device that will teleport me to china or something….. I swear , it’s IMPOSSIBLE to go pee alone in this house hold… again its the questions …

Kids :Mom what are you doing ? 
Me:Ummmm peeing? 
Kids:Oh! Can i have a granola bar ?
Me: Just a second ill finish up here and i’ll get you one ok ? 
Kids:Ok Mom.

( they leave the bathroom) ….3 seconds later: they walk in with the box of granola bars IN their hands and ask me to open it for them …. !?!?!?! EXCUSE ME ???? Can i PLEASE finish up here …. Like… SERIOUSLY?! lol 

Oh the joys of being a  Mom or even a parent for that matter… So with my 3 and the newborn …. its like Oh dear lord help me sometimes…
But they say theres nothing you get in life that  you cant handle… so that what i do , i live it and handle it  lol..
What about you ?
When do you find quiet time? and what do you do with your ”ME” time..??

Its gonna be a long night…

Well looks like its gonna be one of thoses nights where every 2 hours a little someone decides to wake up and stay up for 1 hour before sleeping again for 30 mins and starting over again…. So Since daddy is still recovering from his cold , mommy is on her own again . So I made myself a cup of coffee…. hes about to wake up again, I can feel it lol just because im trying to blog , he will wake up. lol Trust me.

So Last weekend was a pretty hectic weekend and today was another rollerocaster ride with my dad and him going into the ER to get checked cuz he was having heart palpitations again and having a hard time breathing. So my mom brought him in , they checked him to find more water on the lungs and they up’ed his meds for that to drain .. but like ive told everyone , when will they really do something? What are they waiting for to get him that pacemaker/defibrilator whatever it is that can help him get better! WHy dont they know why for sure he’s sick , what caused this all to happend at once like this… why is he losing so much weight… all theses questions go through my head and im wondering where this is all going. Im confused, scared and clueless all at once ….. and then like today im mad at the world and i cry and cant think much abut anything but all the what ifs… which i know arent good! But yeah , its hard to see someone you love so much and someone who was strong, fearless and my hero that was able to push me HIGH on the swings and i went to watch when he played softball… Hes become this fragile , weak , sick man …. On easter i had a hard time looking into  his eyes but As sick as he is my dad was this spark about him and hes stuborn like no other… so i guess until hes ready to go , he wont . I hope so but at the same time am i being selfish because seeing him suffer like this and hearing my mom struggle with it without actually saying it , Because face it mom … it isnt easy on you and You  have to be strong for everyone but please know that whatever the road leads us to we will walk it together and we will come out of it stronger , We need to be strong for him and give him motivation to fight and get better ….

So this easter sunday we had my inlaws over for lunch and i went to my mom’s with the kids because daddy didnt feel so good . We had Ham , mash patatoes , salad , veggies , apple crisp, cupcakes the kids and i made the night before… it was YUMMAY! Mikael was able to meet everyone and that was nice because my dad and grandma labelle hadnt seen him yet … My dad held him right away 🙂 First time he holds any of my kids that young… The youngest he held one of my kids was Nate at 3 months… but nate was a 8pounder at birth so , your not as scared to drop them at that size , he was like nearly 20lbs by 3 months … thank goodness crawling help him trim the baby fat or people would of sent me to maury pauvich lol

So i hope everyone had a great easter weekend, ill post pics soon … right now i wanna go try and sleep while i can …. hehe