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Hey There !!! Long time no talk!! so much to catch up on ….
So while the kiddlets have quiet time with a movie and the wee little one is sleeping, i thought id attempt to blog a bit since ive been SUCKING at it i know , and im sorry … its just not always the right time to sit and blog when i have to program my 4 pairs of eyes , my spidy senses and still stay sane lol. 
SO … I hope all you Mommies had a TERRIFIC Mother’s Day weekend , Mine was fabulous !!!
My Daughter made me some bath salt balls at Pre-K and we all spent the day at my mother’s for a BBQ, Yummo! My dad grilled us some italian sausiges , hots dogs , kafta … my mom prepared us a nice salad , baked patatoes & hot buns and i made a cute last minute mother’s day cake ( heart shaped of course).
The kids went wild outside in the back yard , everyone got a chance to hold the baby and the day was beautiful weather wise, it felt like summer!!!
Me & My Daughter with the bath salt balls she made me ❤
My Sweet baby Boy , He will be 3 months old on the 1st of june … crazy how time flys!
My Daughter , My Son Max & Baby Mikaël 
My Dad the cook 
My Mom in the purple & Her longtime Friend in the blue
Mikael sitting on his great grandma’s shoulders with a little help from Aunt Mimi
My Nicolas , my little man , this kid is a tough and rough kinda boy … and my little clown ❤
The kids enjoying a nice cool popsicle since its sooo hot out 
So As you can see we had LOTS of fun !
The sad part is this…. My ex didnt even get my son to wish me a happy mother’s day , i feel it wasnt my child’s responsibility to know when that day is and to remember to call me but his father knows how to remember and remind him since he most likely wished a happy mother’s day to his girlfriend that day…. But as they say , Karma is a b*tch and she will get you. I’ so done fighting with him and having to teach him how to be a parent. If he cant figure it out well then he can deal with karma , i gave him the easy choice to deal with me but he chose karma and let me tell ya that she is WAY worst then me… 😉 
I Must gt back to my kiddys but i wanted to wish you all a great week and a happy belated mother’s day to all the mommies , i hope you all got reconised for the great mommys you are !!! 

Organizing ….

Hey Guys! Sorry i’ve been so absent , getting caught up with my much needed laundry … im on day 3 of it actually… Yep ! 3 days… How do i have so much dirty laundry you ask? Well I got the spring/summer clothes out for the kids and mine so i’m re-washing everything as its been stored away all winter…I have to pick up a shirt or piece of clothing and smell the fabric softner …

So i’ve been doing that , caring for the kiddlets and catching up on my dvr recordings while i fold this horrible huge mountain of laundry. Today and yesturday were super hot days , well since friday really and so i try not to use the dryer too much cuz the appartement heats up real quick. It sort of sucks.

I hope you guys have had a good weekend and are starting off the week ok , tomorow gabrielle has pre-k and im gonna try to keep the boys occupied enough to clean their room and organise it better, the toys are just overwhleming , when it comes time to pick up the toys , they look so discouraged… and i don’t blame them because even i look at it and im like oh lordy …. I’m thinking of buying more storage furnisher for their bedroom and even switching their bedroom and give them my room , the demensions are better and i only use my room to sleep so in the meanwhile that we wait to move… it would be best for more space…

I found a Facebook Page that has many tips on how to organise your home… its AMAZING and such a lifesaver , sometimes im browsing the wall pictures and im like …” hey , why didnt i think of that? ” & ” Thats clever” .. So im going to share them with you today ! A Mum ‘n the Oven

Have a great week….

Being ME

Goodmorning !

I firstly would like to thank everyone that actually takes the time to read what i write and took the time to like my facebook page . I really appreciate it ! I made this blog to let everything out … to not have any skeletons in my closets and also to share the experience of my life with 5 kids.This leads to me what im gonna say next….

I am ME.

Thats it and thats all , i am human . I cuss , i am loud when i want to and i say it like it is. Ive struggled so long with hiding myself from the world, figuring taht my opinion and thoughts werent important to others and just kept to myself. Ive faced the feeling of not speaking my mind, agreeing with someone to avoid conflict and it just made me so stressed out and sad . So i said F*ck it , i can hide who i am and my opinions are just as important as anyone and if it was normal to hide away and not speak up , the world would be a very quiet place. So This blog is my release , my therapy if you will. A place where i have superhero powers and i can be ME. Its so hard to please everyone and its impossible at times and people need to know thats okay. Society makes it very hard for the average person to be themselves, because of all the judging and full of stuborn strong believers that their way is best.

It makes me sad . So i decided to blog about everyday stuff that goes through my mind, i am very random and i talk alot once i get into it , so my posts may be long at time but i promiss i will try my best to not waste your time.

Another way of relief is my message board friends . They are like a sisterhood for me . The place is called Sugar and Spice  , we are all a group of women that post on this forum and we all got to know each other pretty well . Theres a ton of posts to read and reply to , theres a diet board for thoses of us who wanna lose wieght but need support and can motivate others at the same time … theres a mommy section , activitys and games . All and all just a group of awesome down to earth women having some conversations , support , motivation , sharing life experiences and making new friends. No we are NOT a group of lesbians… ( i have NOTHING againts the gay comunity , to each their own ) So don’t be fooled by the sexy woman layouts and the fact that its a woman only group… Think of us like your average forum of women but with some SAS 😛 Promoting strong beautiful women 🙂 And i love theses girls, be warned we are potty mouths  but thats why i love this place… i can be ME. Check it out , unless your a close friend or relative  LOL . No but seriously , relatives… no lol this is my space … my padding room lol

So yeah that about does it for whats on my mind right now… gonna go change little man’s diaper and then get a few hours sleep! Morning to thoses who are waking up!

2 Months

My little frog is 2 months old today!
Can you believe it , 2 months have gone by already …
Seems like yesturday i was complaining about pregnancy and now he’s giving us smiles, discovering sounds and seeing things a little better. Now its gonna be time for the 2  months shots…. and i am so not looking forward to that , with my first i went in and cried just as much as he did , with my daughter i went in and was strong and held it in until i got in the car and i remember telling myself id never have to go through that again and i would ask my mom to come along for the next times lol … yeah right .. here i am with 3 more kids and hoping someone calls so say they will go in for me because i think over the years of being stuck with hormone wackyness , i wont be so strong like i was for my daughter lol , but if not oh well ill suck it in and cry in the car like i always do lol
Today is a BLAH day , a day were id sleep it through . It’s raining , its bill day , rent day and i feel like crap and on top of that my phoneline  is acting up….
So yeah , i know i havent been posting as much as i should but things are changing around here and i have loads to do and so little time to do it… Life is hectic with lots of kiddos , you need to be on guard all the time and always have a back up plan … this time things hit me like a ton of bricks and well mama didnt have a back up plan cuz this mama took it for granted… lesson learned , now to fix it and not repeat it.
Have a great tuesday !!