After the rain , there’s always a rainbow….

So the past few days have been hectic for me as anyone close to me or that is on my facebook knows that its been rough this past week….

I had a little cash crisis , fight with my boyfriend , learned that my dad’s health is not looking any better and infact getting worst and doctor’s STILL dont have an explanation… Phones calls of my oldest son’s dad telling me he wasnt sure when he could bring nate down and my only ride was my dad so with his health driving is out of the question…. then FINALLY wednesday he calls to say he’s on his way down with him …
I picked him up with gabby’s dad in aylmer and brought him home.

I have all 5 kids with me and i feel like with everything that went wrong this week i am no longer feeling like something is missing, i feel whole and busy and i love feeling busy espexially with my kids . Today i made them letter pancakes for breakfast ❤ they each got the first letter to their first names and they loved it !

I used cookie cutters to make the bears and a heart shaped one for nicolas’s heart shaped one … So we have Nicolas ( blue plate) , Nathaniel , Gabrielle & Maxime
Then they made crafts while me and the mister cleaning the appartement
I Wanted to take a second to thank all of you who liked my facebook page , i cant believe we have over 100 likes already! It feel awesome to know my blog interests some and that could be read by many 🙂
If ever you guys wanna discuss specific topics or ask me any question on anything wether it be parenting , cleaning , cooking,girly stuff please send an e-mail and it will be a plesure for me to read your email and answer to it 🙂
I am also going to be having a GIVEAWAY
I make digital memory montages … Its a great way to cherish your favorite pictures forever 🙂
Anyways , since the likes on facebook blew up in the last week i am going to be offering one FREE 8X10 Montage to 5 lucky readers So be on the lookout for that , a post will be up in a few details with info on how to enter…
Have a great Canada Day weekend to all my fellow Canadians!!!!
Be safe , Drink responsibly and Be nice to your neighbours….. you never know… it could be me 😛


Heat wave + 7 + appartement = HELL

Yup yup …. i got a glimpse at what hell is with this heat we’eve been getting the past few days … it’s HORRIBLE! I have a 5000 btu a/c in the dinning room and its working but not enough to shoont in the hallway for the bedrooms and my apartement is so cramed up that with 2 adults, 4 kids + the cat = One heck of a sticky situation…. So the bath will be our pool today and i hope the day goes by fast cuz on days like this it SUCKS to have kids under 10 that dont understand when you tell them its not YOUR fault its sooo hot…Just like it aint your fault that the doodlebops are over …. They think im the maker of it all haha…. So yeah my dad is really sick , he has major heart failure along with other health issues … it kills me to see my dad go like this , it physicly hurts me … like seriously it does. Im just ready for his suffering to end , i love him but i cant be selfish & keep him here while hes suffering so much…. Only god knows why…… Keep yourselves & your kiddos cool!! xox Martine

Hey guys! Sorry i didnt post this last night , i fell asleep haha… Yup thats what happends when your worn out… So i recently got a new job and wow i LOVE it … i work with the elderly , i am a waitress in the kitchen for a retirement home. I love it because , i get paid to smile, greet people and hear their amazing life stories, serve them food and clean up … So basicly my MOM training helped me tons BUT what really helped me was the fact that a long time ago my grandparents ran the kitchen in a retirement home and i grew up watching my mom do what i do now and also they had a catering service up until 2007 and i worked alot for them back then too …. I love my job , i am so thankful i found something i love to do at a young age . I just hope they love me as much as i love them and they keep me around . this week is my week OFF!!! Im enjoying every minute…. but im also on call , so if anyone decides to not go in… well i am called to come in , so im trying to get everything i need done here , dishes, laundry, keeping this place undercontrol and clean cuz when i get off work the LAST thing i wanna do is cleaning… especially since im on my feet during my whole shift runing around , serving tables , cleaning up , re-setting the tables…etc…. SO now your caught up with that and why i havent been around too much. Now my vent about this weather…. I HATE this weather, sticky icky , humid and hot….. it makes the kids irritable , unhappy and turns them into wild animals…. and well that makes mommy on edge alot cuz i cant stand the heat much less stand kids that also cant stand the heat… The planet is going to shits is what i think….. i dont even wanna think of how hot its gonna be when my kids reach my age .For as far as i can remember , every year it gets warmer… and more humid…. Man oh man do i ever regret complaining about the snow last winter because id rolld myself in it now. So lots to do today …. so little time , while the kids arent awake yet im gonna go catch up on it… Hope you all have a great week and ill try and check in before the weekend… ANOTHER BIG THANK YOU!!!! To all who joined and liked my facebook page , thoses who shared… you are awesome!!!! Thank you so much for letting me know that im not this crazy lady who talks to herself lol….. Much Love xoxoxox And Happy Belated Birthday to all the Dad’s , Daddy’s , Papa’s , Grandpa’s , Nono’s & Fathers 🙂

Quick Update : So Sorry for not being on so much BUT i got a new job and i LOVE it! I work in a retirement home for the elderly , i love my new job although my legs and lower back hate it lol. My Baby girl graduated from pre-k last week , i went to her ceremony where she got her diploma 🙂 and she put on a show with her little classmates for all the parents and that was too freaking cute! I cant stay on long but i just wanted to thank everyone that shared my blog, read my blog and commented… also thoses who liked my Facebook page 🙂 I will be back tomorow with a more detailed update , pics and more… stay tuned 🙂 Have a great saturday everyone!

A day in my shoes……

*Yawn* Ever had the days where you wake up and feel like not doing anything at all but then you sit , look around and you can’t just do nothing like you’d want to ? And then it starts , kids are hungry , dress them , get sippy cups ready , 2nd cup of coffee at this point …. youve already asked them 5 times to stop fighting on the couch because one is takking up more space then usual to watch cartoon , sometimes i wish i had colored tape i could tape lines and keep them seperated so i wouldnt have to go through this routine every morning…. Then the baby is up , hes whaling for his bottle and to be charged but then my 20 month old decides its time to throw his bowl on the ground … then the two older kids are fighting on who eats faster then the other …. so again i wish i had something i could do to seperate them so they can just eat and get on with the day . But of course we still have the whaling baby to tend to so choas continues. I Finally get the bottle warm enough and get my 20 month old’s mess cleaned up and get him some dry cherios instead , dry is better then wet on the floor i just washed the night before…. Then i get baby changed and feed him his bottle , after he burps and its back to sleep for him …. im thinking to myself: Alright! now i can just get the kids cleaned up and set them with a movie or puzzle and i can get some work done…right? … NO! My 3 yr old drops his milk on the ground the top of the sippy cup pops off and there is a milk puddle on my clean floor , so i clean that up and finally get them cleaned up and settled with a movie AND a puzzle… To Be Continued……