GoodMorning World!

Its been a few days since i last blogged but it is worth it because i have stuff to blog about.

First off i hope all the Canadians had a great 1st of July & I hope all the Americans had a great 4th of july  and that you all partied safe ! Didnt drink and drive and drank responsibily …. My 2 good friends were taken too soon by a drunk driver 7 yrs ago and so i dont want anyone else to go through that or even worst die from that or be the drunk driver…

So anyways , We had a great Canada day celebration & on July 4th me and my 3 oldest babies went to Tubes & Jujubes to meet up with a longtime friend that traveled down from Duncan BC to spend time with her family & she made some times to meet up with me and the kids , last time we got to get together was 5 yrs ago …. her son was just 3 months old and my daughter at the time was only 2 months old , needless to say they both have grown up so much in the past 5 yrs that it was so cool to see them together again but running around , laughing and talking to each other vs the first time when all they did was nurse and sleep. The Kids had a BLAST! they were all soak and wet from playing and sliding and running around . Let’s just say that they slept tight that night hehehe…

My Father’s health isnt getting any better … im planning on making a full blog post soon to better explain his condition to yall & how im coping with slowly losing my dad…

Today is gonna be cooler then most days out so im gonna be taking a nap … just woke up and im talking naps lol . Why do we realise we like sleep so much only AFTER we have kids?? i dont get it  …. before i got to sleep in and wouldnt and now i cant and wish i could…

Yawwwnnnn! Have a Great Sunday ..
post about the  FREE giveaway coming soon….



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