Big Bike Ride for my dad

Hey guys !! 

It’s been a hectic month for me for sure , i hope your summers are all going good cuz mine is a perfect storm , a hot mess and well whatever the worst sums up for ya… thats pretty much it…So im doing things to keep myself sane and grounded.

After everything we’ve been through with my dad’s illness and heart condition…
i have decided to join in on some fundraising to support a foundation that is very dear to me, The Heart and Stroke Foundation.

I went on the foundation’s website to look for any events they were holding to see if i could join in on some of them and help raise funds for this amazing foundation. I saw a picture of this HUGE bike with 30 seats and i was like whoa! this looks like fun!!!

And i thought to myself wow i wanna do this and give back for ….

All thoses battling againts heart failure and trying to get better.

All the daughters like me who have to see their once strong daddy get so weak so fast and see him suffer and not be able to do anything but wait for the doctor to give you news and all you can do is pray and hope that he will 
pull through. 

All the Parents like my grandmother who have to see their child go through so much pain and fear of not knowing what tomorow brings.

Every Spouse that has seen or is living having to see their partner and soul mate be sick like this , caring for them endlessly hoping things get better…

Everyone else like my dad that is about to under-go open heart sugery to get a heart transplant …

thoses like my dad , 

like my family ,

 and like me …

So I want to support this cause and ride in honor of my dad ! Get out there and meet people that have had similar experiences , know that i’m not alone to feel this overwhelming pain that i go through ….

so i signed up and started building a team TEAM LABELLE is what i called it 🙂

So on August 29th i am going to ride with 28 other people and 1 person from the foundation to raise money for my team and this great cause!

But im gonna need help!!!… and thats where comes my favor…
If you can and want to help me out … 

my team needs your donations to raise money and reach our goal.
You can help by donating to our team HERE .

In Ottawa Ontario August 29th at 8pm and wanna ride with us on the BIG BIKE ? Send me an e-mail and i will send you all the information you will need to become a team member and help support and raise money.

And you can also help us  FREE!!!!…. YUP  
just by by clicking on the Heart this story button….and sharing My Story .

So yeah i could really use a hand and every dollar helps , every share helps and you can heart my story once a day so you can bookmark and heart it when you get a second during yoru busy day 🙂 Help save a life….

To read more about heartfailure and the heart and stroke foundation , how it helps change lives and save lives…. 

Thanks for reading!!!


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