The Night Time Routine

Dishes are done , Laundry is started and dinner is simmering…..
Ill be ready for my night time routine… Night Time Routine what the heck is that you say?
Well ill explain my night time routine…. 
Have you ever TRIED to clean while your kids are up and all over the place? I say TRIED because everyone with kids knows it can be a tricky task to get everything spotless when the kids are constantly meesing things up as you go… So i started a Night Time routine…
During the day i do the usual stuff, keep dishes clean , wipe off counters and tables , put away clean dishes and do laundry … but at night when the kids are in bed i go nuts for 1 to 2 hours on the big stuff…
First i walk around with a bin and collect any toys or the kids stuff lying around and go put it away then i do any dishes that need to be cleaned , re-wipe down all counters and table tops and then i can sweep my floors and spot mop or completly wash them if needed , all that without having to tell my kids DONT STEP THERE I JUST WASHED THE FLOORS! and then ending up Facepalming myself because sure enough they stepped there and now i have a full trail of feet and toes everywhere where it WAS clean…
Then when my floors are done and drying i sit down and fold all the clean laundry i did during the day and if its all wrinkled thats fine just pop it in the dryer for a few minutes and voila.. un-wrinkled. So i fold all my clean laundry and then by that time my floors are dry and clean so i can get up and put all the clean clothes away … 
Then once the Dishes, counters,tables , floors and clean clothes are done , i go do a quick clean up in the bathroom , just a quick swish in the toilet… wipe down of the sink, counter and mirror…. i quick sweep & mop and Im done…
Thats it , then i can sit down and read or watch a movie or get on here….
It seems like alot but it really isnt… some nights it takes me 40 mins tops and sometimes i go the extra mile ( if i have visitors the next morning or day ) and it take me 2 hours… but look at it this way , My kids are in bed by 8pm on the weekends and 7pm on the weekdays so if i go all out and do 2 hours of cleaning … and i only go to bed around 11pm .. well thats 4 hours more or less of ME time…. 
Night Time routine rocks… and plus… you can wake up to a clean home everyday! Now THATS a pick me upper i like 🙂

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