Happy Birthday ! You’re Two!!

Today is Number 4’s birthday party  , He is two !
I can’t believe time is flying by this fast , a busy day like today is worth every instant.
I stayed up super late last night to clean as much as i could so that today wouldnt be a burden on me but the kids have managed to screw that up from 8am to 11am …. 
I still have to bake a cake , chill it and decorate it …
Make my spaghetti sauce and have it ready to feed 12 people minimum ( there’s always guests who pop up even if they said they wouldn’t make it ) .
I have to shower and dry my hair , do my make-up…
Dishes still need to be done , the kids must clean their rooms so i can sweep & mop …
And the hallway is a mess thanks to laundry day and so i have to do that …
All that before 3pm , its 11:25 am right now !
We are having family over for dinner and then my friend, her hubby and their 2 kiddos will join us for cake & ice cream later.
I’m looking forward to Number 3’s birthday , he’s turning 4 in september and we decided to have it at a kid gym place and that will be awesome cuz i wont have to run around like chicken with no head like today and worry about it looking nice and being ready for everyone, food etc… i just have to swipe my card and enjoy the day . 
So yeah i need to be getting off here and getting stuff done …. Before i lose my motivation but first another double dose of coffee !
Have a great saturday everyone!!

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