Back to school


Yesturday and today my kids went back to school, my daughter started yesturday and my oldest son started today. Nate is in 2nd grade now and Gabrielle is just starting kindergarden…

It seems like just yesturday i was changing their diapers, nursing them and rocking them to sleep …Now all that has changed into them learning me new things everyday. Crazy how time goes by fast!!! Now the scheduals have been started since last week but we are still adjusting to earlier bedtimes , earlier mornings and then having to schedual everything else that needs to happend or be done during the day to fit with the school schedual.

I enrolled my daughter in a before and afterschool program ( school daycare) because of her dad’s busy work schedual and me being stuck with no transportation and the school refusing me for the school bus to come pick her up and drop her off i really didnt have a choice.It’s 35$ a week and on no school days they have special field trips and activitys for your child to be at school while you work or do your stuff that needs to be done . She starts the program on September 5th and i think its going to be awesome for her since she will be making new friends , going new places and all at the same time learning .

The little kids are a little sad they cant fallow the big kids to school just yet , but that time will come….soon enough they all will be in school and ill become the crazy cat lady hahaha!


One thought on “Back to school

  1. It’s really hard when they go to school. Hard on everyone! You have the busiest life, and I envy that. 🙂 I’d love to have the little ones still at home. Sorry the school is being uncooperative with the bus. That sucks! 😦 Hopefully the before/afterschool program will work out great. Can’t wait to hear details! Lots of love to you and your bunch. ❤

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