One Lovely Award


So my good friend Mel over at nominated me for a One Lovely award ❤ Isn’t that ”Lovely” of her? hahah..Thanks Mel! You totally made my day and i appreciate it. It’s so awesome to get the news that someone has nominated your blog and it makes you sit back and think … wow nice someone likes what i have to say . So Thank you sooooo much for making my day brighter !!

Here are the award requirements:

Include the pic in the post
Thank the person who nominated you
Nominate at least 15 other blogs
And give 7 random things about yourself

So now i must go on and nominate 15 other blogs and write 7 random things about myself…I’ll start with the nominees and then i will finish with the randoms.

  1. Melissa @
  2. Rachel @
  3. Sylvia @
  4. Erika @

4 is all i could come up with right now …. so yeah , thats that.


  1.  I have a bad habbit of biting my nails … yes i know gross but thats something ive been since i can remember so ive tried everything but just cant kick the habbit…
  2. Before i was a mom i was working on getting my music acreer on track and had a manager , was about to start planning to move to nashville and try to make it in the country music world.
  3. I did a live web broadcast to audition for a provincial talent contest back in june 2011 and i wasn’t picked out because i spoke about my 4 children ( i was pregnant for the 5th child and didnt know it )
  4. I still catch myself sucking my thumb when fast asleep
  5. Im still afraid of the dark .
  6. I used to be over 300lbs
  7. I cannot stand the taste or smell of P-Meal

So thats it for that and if you have any blogs you love to read and think they deserve to be nominated, please send me the link to it and if i like what i read , i just might nominate them 🙂

Hope you all have a great night’s sleep cuz i still have a lunch to pack for my daughter’s school tomorow and i have 2 loads of laundry to fold and dishes to do and its 2 am!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O ….

Yawwwwnnnnnn Night night ya’ll!!!


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